Not Invented Here REVIEW by AIAA


Not Invented Here by David I ShapiroReview by: The American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics in the November 2001 issue of Aerospace America

“David Shapiro, an award winning retired aerospace executive and 30 plus-year Associate Fellow of AIAA, recently published a novel entitled NIH-Not Invented Here. Among the projects and major programs depicted in the book is the “turn-around” of a major division of a multi-billion dollar aerospace corporation. The massive firings covered by the turn-around was then a rare occurence, unlike todays world of downsizing. NIH uses these experiences as the cornerstone in developing the cast of characters and telling entertaining stories about the little-known historical events behind many of our industry’s past headline-commandeering space and weapon systems program initiatives.

Many novels and other media have featured stories about the big recognizable names in aerospace; NIH reveals the engineering, management. and marketing people and their real-life situations that didn’t make the news then, but now can be revealed.

Although NIH is a work of fact-based fiction, the recent release of President John F. Kennedy’s audiotapes has revealed interesting coincidences between the book’s chapter on the Apollo program and fact.

These stories may inspire those who may come up against the NIH syndrome to maneuver through the waters that the author has charted…

In NIH, Shapiro untangles why things happened, while enlivening and transferring knowledge, so that these lessons learned can be applied by the reader to current circumstances.”

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