Not Invented Here - Romance

Not Invented Here by David I ShapiroAfter two cocktails, if it hadn’t been obvious before, it was fast becoming a certainty that Ben and Shirley were going to make love that evening. She thanked Ben for his past efforts and brought him up to date on the sale and her need for a money manager while they were having their first drink. With the second cocktail, Shirley introduced her other need. She started out by talking about her and Harry’s life together and how good he was to her. Then she dropped the bomb … describing how they had made love at least three or four times a week since they were married.

Ben recalled that they had been married about as long as Betty and him and wished he could say the same. He didn’t say this to Shirley, but somehow she must have sensed it, because she asked, “Do you and Betty have the same kind of relationship?”

He thought about lying and saying “of course”, but instead decided to say simply, “Doesn’t everyone?” – an answer with a question!

They were having their drinks, sitting on two love seats facing each other at a forty-five degree angle with a small cocktail table between them in the living room. Shirley was facing him with her legs crossed at the ankle. As she uncrossed her legs and spread out her chiffon dress, it became a perfect frame for her remarks. “Not at all.” She replied. “Most of my friends tell me that they don’t look forward to their husband’s ‘sexual demands’, as they put it. In fact, it isn’t only my friends who say this – I’ve read studies that cite statistics showing that high numbers of American women have the same malady. I call it a malady because that is what I feel it is – something about their upbringing that sex for pleasure was wrong.”

They were on a subject that Ben felt would continue and was she was building up to inviting him to her bed? Did she expect him to be the aggressor, or play the game with her making the overture? He decided to wait and see how the evening developed before he formed to any conclusions. In the meantime, he was getting hungry and didn’t want to get drunk and ruin the lovemaking session he was sure would happen.

Shirley sensed his inner thoughts and as she started to get up from the love seat, she said, “Why not have one more cocktail in the kitchen before dinner? Will you help me put the finishing touches to our meal?”

Ben took their empty glasses and followed her into the gourmet-equipped kitchen. He remembered Harry telling him that Shirley was an excellent cook, but left the kitchen cleanup for the live-in maid. Ben again speculated: would she continue as Harry told him, or would she ask that he help her tidy up after their dinner. He bet she would leave it all sit – this was another of the little mysteries he would see unfold as the evening progressed. Now, he wondered what finishing touches she wanted his assistance for in the kitchen. Ben’s culinary skills were limited to barbeque, salads, and omelets. He could get by with a few other simple dishes but nothing fancy.

As he followed her, he got the full effect of her very low cut backless bare-shoulder dress, almost a titty-pink color, made from lots of expensive designer draped and pleated chiffon fabric. Ben figured that her bra must have been built-in because neither the horizontal nor vertical straps were visible through the shear fabric. He also wondered how this light fabric was held up on her petite frame. The dress was sleeveless and strapless, with a deep inverted ‘V’ cutout that exposed the cleavage between her ample and shapely breasts. This too would literally be exposed later this evening.

Shirley interrupted his thoughts with, “I’ll need your help as we go along but I’ll let you know what to do in plenty of time..” .

As she placed a frilly apron over her head to cover the front of the dress, Shirley smiled coyly as if to say, “Just you wait and see what I need you for!”

After she had the top of the apron over her head, Ben’s engineering trained mind was still fascinated by her dress and how it stayed attached to her body through all her maneuvers. The billowing chiffon skirt was attached to the chest and neck portion, creating a halter-top affair. This all appeared to be made from a single piece of material.

Again, she interrupted his thoughts. As she finished putting the apron over her head, she said, “When I add the ingredients and whisk the sauce, I want to protect the delicate fabric of the dress from any spatters.”

She moved close to him, turned so he was again facing her back, and said,”One of the first things I need is your help tying these apron strings in the back!”

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