Speaking Tour

Lets Talk!

Appearances on National TV Interviews, Forums, Special Events, and Guest Speaker at Dinners, Luncheons etc.


  • Gigolo and the Gold Digger – 60 minutes – Widowed Seniors Relationships with each other and their families.
  • Not Invented Here – 60 minutes – Behind the Headlines stories of the programs and players in the aerospace industry.
  • 15 minute Talk to Wan nebe Authors on the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s to get started and follow through – along with the pitfalls and my techniques for the art form, with ‘as required’ time (about 15 minutes) of Audience Participation.

Talk Outlines:

  • 5 minutes – Establish self as EXPERT – credentials
  • 15 minutes – Pertinent stories/real experiences
  • 10 minutes – excerpts from my book
  • 15 minutes – Audience Participation
  • 5 minute – closer “SO WHAT?”
  • Questions and Answerers

Public Speaking:

Discussion with ABC News … CLICK HERE