The Gigolo & the Gold Digger

The Gigolo and the Gold DiggerA fast paced novel focusing on two senior widowed citizens that find love and the inter and intra actions of their respective families.


Short dialogue and expositive passages between the protagonists’ and within their families who are divided about the blossoming romance. This central theme expands during the developing plot, allowing the reader to share in the couple’s challenges to exercise their prerogative.

Senior northern Virginia citizen Sam, one of the two protagonists is a retired recent widower after 44 years of a difficult marriage. For the past ten years a caregiver to his wife.

Senior North Carolina citizen Madeline, divorced ten years earlier after 35 years of marriage; the female protagonist shares her home on the coast with her single mom daughter and son. Madeline’s marriage ended after her spouse’s three-year mid-life crisis permanently moved to the Caribbean for a much younger native woman.

Sam is recuperating from hip surgery in North Carolina. After Sam finishes dinner alone at a Crystal Coast North Carolina hotel/restaurant he wanders by the bar on his way back to his timeshare. While standing in the entrance listening to the combo, Madeline enters alone and he uses a creative ‘pick-up’ line. She accepts his invitation to join him for cocktails and dancing.

During their next evening’s dinner date at the same hotel/restaurant, a major storm strands them there. During their romantic night together, they continue to experience mutually surprising satisfaction in sharing common interests. This leads to a more intense intimate relationship.

In spite of the geographical impediment their relationship intensifies as they realize the nascence of fulfillment of enduring companionship. What they didn’t consider is that their grown children would have preconceived notions concerning their blossoming relationship.

Sam’s single daughter is adamant that Madeline is a Gold Digger and is after her rightful inheritance. His other two married children with their children are betwixt about the relationship – but not necessarily ‘a marriage’.

Madeline’s four adult children characterization of Sam range from him being: an interloper to their life style – to a Gigolo. The Gigolo supposition has no basis for their allegation. Unbeknown to them, Madeline is just getting-by financially, because their farther stripped her of their sizeable assets for his paramour.

Sam’s children might have a rightful cause for worry. Before retiring, he became an executive in the high-tech world and invested his gains wisely. He is now sought-after as an author of novels.

Some of the children are not as flexible as they envisioned themselves, and plan guileful schemes to break up the romance. Others become active participants in furthering the romance.

The protagonists move-in together, and travel extensively overseas while experiencing both these positive acts as well as the stumbling blocks both factions invent and throw onto their path.

The Gigolo and the Gold Digger’s ending is a surprise to almost all of the participants. Not the least is Sam and Madeline.



Outside of the room the patrons were just starting to enter. Sam looked into the room and noticed that there were two or three sitting at the bar and the cocktail tables were sparsely occupied. He was still at the entrance, when an attractive red headed woman coming down the two steps from the entrance threshold into the room, stumbled and almost collided with him. Sam excused himself and said, “Pardon me – beauty before age!”, as he offered his hand to her elbow and steadied her. She looked up at him and their eyes made contact.

He had been a student of Desmond Morris’ book “Intimate Relationship” in his years when he was bar hopping. The second and third steps in the first five minute stage of the initial sequence of becoming involved in a relationship was usually in the order of: Eye To Body, then Eye To Eye followed by Voice to Voice. As he was waiting for her response, he still had his hand steadying her elbow. He completed step one, as she said, “Gallant gentlemen are rare in these parts”.

That also gave him a chance to complete the same out-of-order but very necessary step: Eye to Body. Sam was impressed with what he saw. Petite, good figure, pleasant facial features and pageboy cut red hair – obviously WWII inspired. Her clothing matched and complimented her physical appearance. White long sleeve silk blouse with the two top buttons undone, a black subdued print throat scarf loosely tied in a sailor’s knot, black full skirt with a few bold complimenting colored prints that enhanced the coloring of her green eyes and blazing red hair. A white cashmere sweater casually draped over her shoulders, held there without any apparent fastening, framed all this.

Maddy always started her assessment of people by looking at their eyes. She focused her ‘once over’ momentarily on what she considered this man’s most notable feature: clear and bold blue eyes. If they were of the right shade and gave her a good feeling, she went on and took the whole picture in. Well, he passed that muster! Taller than her five feet even, she judged him at five ten. Grey hair, clean shaven, acceptable physique for one in his sixties, neat but not flashy clothing and very expensive appearing shoes and most important: no wedding ring. Now for the important scene before they went their separate ways. She to a table, he to the bar.

Sam again lightly touched her elbow – usually a no-no, but he didn’t want to miss the chance of continuing the Voice-to-Voice element before taking it to the next plateau of Hand to Hand, followed by Hand to Shoulder and then Hand to Waist. He looked straight into her eyes and boldly said, “Pardon me again, but are you meeting someone here later on?”

Maddy’s mind flashed a warning, if she said yes, then she might miss out on an opportunity to dance with him, or worse still, he would find out later that she wasn’t meeting anyone. On the other hand, if she said no, then he would be sure to ask if he could join her. His eyes ruled again “No, I’m here to dance.”

“Great,” he said, “so am I. Are you game to be the first to flight-test my new hip?” Maddy smiled as she replied, “As long as we don’t crash on take off!” Sam led the way while lightly guiding her with his hand on her elbow to a table close to the dance floor. After they were seated and the waitress came over for their order he asked, “Have you eaten yet?”

“Yes, but, I will have a coke”

He gave the waitress a sideward glance and said,” Sure, one coke and a brandy for me.” He stood up and put his hand on the back of her chair as he said, “That seems like a nice safe and slow number for our first fam flight – how about it?”

As Maddy stood she said, “Fam flight? What’s that?”

“That’s an aviator’s expression for the first flight in a new type aircraft.” As they maneuvered onto the dance floor she said, “I figured you to be an aviator? Still fly?”

“Used to! Now I’m just a grandpa!”

“That’s not too bad. I’m a grandma!”


A plot was being formed in Bette’s mind. If she could enlist Heather in her effort to kill this romance, it would be of benefit to both of them. The status quo was the shared objective. She hadn’t worked out the specifics yet, but if she and Heather agreed to be allies, she was confident they could come up with incidents and bad-mouthing that would break up Sam and Maddy’s affair.

“Hello Heather, this is Sam’s daughter Bette. How are you? I’m calling to find out if you have heard from your mother as to when she will be home. I haven’t heard from my dad, and don’t know how he is doing with his injury.” “Yes, I spoke with my mom last night. She called and indicated that she was considering coming back home to get some outfits and things for an extended stay with your dad in Winchester.”

“What do you think about that?”

“I’m not too happy about it! She hasn’t made up her mind yet, but was going to talk to my brothers and sister before she makes a decision.”

“Did she ask you for your opinion?”

“Of course, and I gave it to her in spades. I think they are going way too fast and too far into this affair. After all – it is just an affair. They both met under romantic circumstances and were vulnerable to having sex. It’s not like they were friends of long standing, or have things in common.”

Bette was pleased to hear this, and decided to venture further in prodding Heather to join her efforts. “Heather, I think we both should get together and see what we can do about at least slowing this down. Can you meet me somewhere so we can discuss this?”

“I can’t come up there, if that’s what you mean. I have a job here and a son to take care of.”

“That’s just what I mean. You have a job and a son that needs your mother to help you get along without a father, or his child support.”

“How did you know about my child support situation?”

“I just figured that was the case. Over ninety percent of the single moms have that situation. I know, because here on the Hill we are bombarded with requests for assistance from single moms.”

Of course Bette was lying about how she found out about Heather’s financial situation – but it worked. In reality, when Bette first heard about the beginning of her father and Maddy’s relationship, she took advantage of her position on the senator’s staff and sought out an acquaintance on the local congressman’s staff. She used her wiles and cajoled him into making local inquiries to get information on Maddy and her family. He had found out that both Maddy and Heather had made several charges against Heather’s ex-husband for child-support in the arrears.

Now she needed to make the date, and put on the hard sell. “Okay, I’ll come down there if you can get away tomorrow. We can have lunch or dinner and discuss it.”

“Yes, if we are going to meet, better be tomorrow. ”

“Great I’ll call you back as soon as I get my flight booked.”

As Bette exited the door of the boarding gate at Beaufort she saw an attractive brunette woman holding a sign with her name on it. As she walked over to Heather she sized her up as a woman in her late thirties or early forties, wearing too much makeup, and a too short skirt that showed heavy knees and a slight bow of her legs. “Thanks for meeting me on such short notice.” She said, “You look like you can use some lunch. Your figure is so svelte. You probably just eat salads. How do you keep so slim, and still have the attractive curves of a twenty year old? You can tell me about it during lunch. Where do you recommend we have it?”

Of course, Bette had planned to be very complimentary to Heather in order to make her an instant friend and co-conspirator. Bette was very adept at making instant friends; she received excellent training on the Hill working for the politicians.

While Bette was conducting her physical evaluation and preemptive conditioning of Heather, her hoped for co-conspirator was performing a similar exercise on her. Heather saw through Bette’s early compliments as just what they were – one-dimensional – with the objective of enlisting her aid in a mission to derail the romance. Of course she was all for that, but she hadn’t thought of needing a partner. Now that it was apparent that they both had the same thoughts, it might be time to cut-to-the-chase. But should she take the lead?

She didn’t have to ponder on that for long. Bette said, “I have to return to D.C. this evening for some meetings, so why don’t we have lunch here at the airport?”

“I was going to suggest the same thing, for a similar reason – Mark’s sitter has to get home by six” Heather said, as she pointed to the exit from the boarding portion of the airport to the main terminal “They have a good up-scale restaurant on this level. We can have a cocktail and they have a varied menu. As you said, all I want is a salad – shrimp or crab that is!”

“Good idea,” Bette replied as she went into lockstep with Heather. Then she turned towards her so she could read her facial expression as she said, “I think we should try and make the most of our short time together today and see if we are both on the same wavelength. So, I’ll take the bull by the horns and ask, do you want to join with me in doing and saying things to break up your mother and my dad’s changing the status quo?”

“You got that right. Yes, I think it’s for their own good as well. They are both too set in their ways and old too get involved with a long-term partner. Besides, I can take care of my mom in her later years if she needs it. Your father wouldn’t be able to do that. In fact she might have to take care of him, and she is in no shape for that.”

As they were being seated and gave the waitress their cocktail order Bette said, “That’s right, I didn’t think about the care giving thing. I focused on your need to continue living with her.”

“But, Bette, what is in it for you if they breakup? You don’t live at home. Afraid she might get a piece of his estate when he passes on? Is he well-heeled?”

“Let’s say he is comfortable, not rich but can live well, for as long as he has.”

“What do you mean-for as long as he has? Is he sick or something?”

“No, he isn’t sick, but things wear out. You know he just had his hip replaced – who knows what’s next? How about your mom? How is she fixed financially? Health wise?”

Heather was getting a bit impatient now. She wanted to focus on the reason for the meeting – sabotaging the romance! So she answered curtly,” About the same as your dad’s. Now, how do we go about getting this job done?”

Bette had given the task much thought but hadn’t come up with the specifics yet. “First I think we ought to find out what our siblings think about their romance. On my side, I don’t think we can count on any support from them in our efforts. How about your side?”

“Same-oh, same-oh. They’re all for them getting married.”

Bette raised her hand and motioned to the waiter. As he approached, she said, “How about another Bloody Mary, while we wait for our order? I’m going to have the same as you are.” She looked at the waiter and ordered, “Two crab salads with a refill of our Marys’- now.”

“Well, for starters” Heather said, “We have to stop her from moving in with him. I think I can stall that for a while. Tell her I have to make arrangements for Mark and a new sitter. But I can only stall for a week or two at best. That would give us time to do a couple of things that might put a kink in their plans.”

“Like do what things?” Bette asked as their drinks came.

Heather took a sip of her drink and nodded her head and shrugged her shoulders as she said, “Maybe you could get one of your siblings to change their position and talk to your dad about it being very late in life for him to get involved with another family. You know – the sharing thing.”

“What about you do the same with your side?”

“Well, maybe my sister Jennie in Georgia. But the others have already been vocal about how great they think it would be for mom to remarry. Dammit!”

Bette asked, “Isn’t your sister in Georgia a single mom too?”

Heather again defensively said, “You seem to know more about our family than I know about yours. How come?”

Bette lied again, “My dad mentioned it to me when I visited him in Branson.” She had really received that in the written report from her friend on the Hill. She mentally made a note to cultivate his friendship, maybe he could help with some of the “gigs” they came up with to sidetrack the romance. At the very least he could feed her information from their district that they might use in formulating their sabotages, and independent feedback on the results of their actions. No, she concluded – too many people involved could screw things up. Besides, it wasn’t worth the effort – might have to sleep with him!

Bette continued, “How about your mom’s drinking? Seems that all she drinks is wine, any very little of that. Is there a chance we could get her drunk and picked up on a DWI?”

“Don’t even think about that, or any other scheme that would ruin her reputation at home! We only want to break them up – not ruin their lives. How about you getting your dad fixed up with another woman and in a compromising situation that gets broadcast?”

Sarcastically, Bette came back with,” I thought we didn’t want to ruin their lives.”

“Hell, being caught with another woman is no big deal,” Heather said, “He’s a man, that doesn’t ruin their lives – makes them more attractive to other females.”


John was not particularly surprised to hear that. He figured there might be at least one on Sam’s side that would be against a marriage – for inheritance reasons if nothing else. So he asked, “How many in his family might be effected if you two get hitched?”

“As I told Sarah, there are two daughters, one son, and four grandchildren. According to him, the only one against the relationship is Bette, his single daughter. The other daughter lives in Maryland and has already given him her blessing. His son has not committed one way or the other, but seems to be okay with the idea. His wife, Joan, has already had words with Bette and been actively trying to change her attitude.”

“Well, that’s a start. Do you know if Heather and Bette have met, or talked about this?”

“Oh yes, “Maddy said, “Not only spoken but have met, and we think have a scheme going,”

John clapped his hands together as he exclaimed,” We’ll see about that scheme! When I get finished with Heather she will not be a part of it. As for Bette, we’ll just have to wait and see. Can’t do anything about that yet except try to discourage her from using Heather’s input.”


As they were running – Sam didn’t even try to keep up – Maddy walked besides Heather and said, “Looks like Mark may have a grandpa finally.”

“Don’t even go there.” Heather snapped.” Mark’s grandpa is dead. He was my father!”

“Your father never knew Mark. We split before Mark was born and he wasn’t interested enough to see his daughter’s first born. And Mark’s father’s side also could care less. So be thankful if Sam takes an interest. A boy needs a male in his early life. John tries to take that role, but he has his own son to be role model for. Besides, he is at the other end of the island, and busy with his concession.”

“Well, I just don’t want you all to rush into anything. Let’s take it slow and see how things develop. Don’t want to break up our family. I like it the way it is, without outsiders.”

“That’s obvious. Maddy said “Sam may be an outsider to you right now, but I feel like he is a part of me, and therefore part of my family. But, this is not the time or place for a conversation of this nature. So, let’s just cool it and have a pleasant dinner.”


Heather held her tongue and thought: I want to talk to Bette tomorrow in private anyway before we have a donnybrook. I also want to prep son Mark on working his grandma ‘not to move away’? …

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